Award-winning Company Culture

West Fraser is consistently recognized as a top employer. We have a thriving company culture and are always seeking talented people (like you!) to join our growing team.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at West Fraser.

Careers at West Fraser

West Fraser has positions at all our operations. Perhaps you’re looking to drive performance in one of our mills, help manage forests, or bring innovation and improve processes within the Company. Every job is part of a challenging and rewarding career in the forest products industry.

Our job boards feature available openings across Canada, in the United States, in the U.K., and in Europe.

Looking for Summer Student Opportunities?

West Fraser offers exciting summer job opportunities throughout our operations. Learn more about our co-ops and apprenticeships for forestry and engineering students.

Beware of Hiring Scammers

There are instances when scammers pretend to be a company such as West Fraser to defraud people out of money. Our company will contact applicants via email using a West Fraser account (i.e. or on a phone call. Unless it’s your preferred method of contact, or it’s the only option available, it’s unlikely we will text candidates. We don’t provide opportunities to work from home with our company. At no time will we ask potential candidates to make advance payments or pay to deposit a cheque as a requirement for employment.

For example: If you receive an email or text from individuals such as Deborah Jones or Jenett Marrufo from a Gmail account, these aren’t West Fraser recruiters.