From homes to picket fences, wood has built the Global dream. West Fraser takes great pride in supplying renewable wood products to the world.

Natural, renewable, recyclable and responsibly sourced from forests managed using environmentally sustainable practices; wood is the preferred building material. It’s safe, sturdy, and dependable – the best insulator against heat and cold. It’s considered by many to be the most energy-efficient building material in use today.

The warm and natural attributes of a wood design can also contribute to an overall sense of well-being, improving performance, and productivity in offices and other community buildings.

Building with wood is also economical compared to other construction materials. Wood products can cost as much as 30% less than most substitutes for framing an average home. New construction practices and engineered wood products have beneficial attributes such as higher strength and architectural opportunities. Improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency also make wood a top choice for builders.