Safety Policy

West Fraser aims to improve and enhance all aspects of our safety programs and to entrench a culture of safety with every employee, contractor, and visitor to our mill sites.

We provide the best leadership and safest working conditions we can. Still, we reinforce a safety culture that encourages personal responsibility and accountability for safe work practices and behaviour.  At every level in our organization we continue to stress the importance of safe work practices and personal responsibility.

West Fraser makes ongoing investments in improving the safety of our machinery and equipment, as well as the effectiveness of our safety training and our many safety programs.

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West Fraser's Health & Safety Policy

At West Fraser, safety is a core value and a business priority. We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace and strive to be an industry leader by managing an effective safety program, complying with all laws and regulations, and continuously improving our performance.  We firmly believe that our Company's safety success depends on every person's active involvement and enthusiastic participation.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Management is responsible for developing and maintaining a company-wide occupational health and safety program that includes core guidelines and systems to measure ongoing effectiveness.  Senior management reviews and revises safety guidelines to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and strives for the highest possible standards.
  • Divisional Management is responsible for developing site-specific occupational health and safety programs consistent with company guidelines.  Managers develop annual site safety plans with measurable objectives and establish systems to ensure employees are adequately trained and supervised. They confirm that occupational health and safety issues are considered in all on-site activities.  Managers develop site-specific safety responsibilities for superintendents, supervisors, employees and contractors, and are committed to continuous improvement.
  • Employees are responsible for following established safe work procedures as outlined in their job duties and company safety guidelines.  It's their responsibility to protect themselves and their fellow employees.  They must report unsafe conditions, acts, and practices.