Jeff de Jong, Divisional Controller at work

I started my accounting career in public practice in 2008 and received my Chartered Accountant (CA) designation in 2014. I joined West Fraser shortly after as a Divisional Accountant at Sundre Forest Products. I was there just under two years, before being promoted to my current position as Divisional Controller at Blue Ridge Lumber.

- Jeff Divisional Controller

Gillian Stauffer picking berries at work

I entered forestry because I wanted a career path that was challenging and rewarding. After completing my first year at the University of Alberta, I received an offer to work for West Fraser as a Silviculture Assistant in Blue Ridge. I had an excellent summer filled with hard work and tons of fun, and I first experienced those challenges which I sought.

- Gillian Quality Control Student

Tristan working in the backcountry

I started working for West Fraser right after I graduated from high school. Following that, I completed a diploma in Natural Resources and Environmental Technology at the College of New Caledonia, and am now entering my final year of the Forest Ecology and Management degree program at UNBC.

- Tristan Silviculture Summer Student

Kody at work

In 2012, I graduated from high school and began a two-year diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology. I spent the next three summers as a summer student at Blue Ridge Lumber and, after graduating, I struggled to find a job in my field so I asked to stay on full-time as an operator at Blue Ridge.

- Kody Quality Control Supervisor

Kyle at work in the forest

At 7 years old I decided that I wanted to become a professional forester, just like my father. In particular, I wanted to supervise logging operations; I’ve always been fascinated by the machines, processes and technology used in harvesting.

- Kyle Operations Coordinator

I am a Mechanical Engineering student and I did my engineering co-op at Cariboo Pulp & Paper.

- Logan Engineering co-op student at Cariboo Pulp & Paper

I worked at Cariboo Pulp & Paper mill to complete my reliability engineering co-op. I'm a 3rd year electrical engineering student from the University of British Columbia.

- Charles Engineering co-op student at Cariboo Pulp & Paper

It has been a really amazing experience working as a Quality Control Assistant at the Quesnel Sawmill. As an active person, I found this job suits me well. I am fortunate to work with experienced Quality Control personnel to gain valuable knowledge in lumber production, and to practice what I’ve learned about in school (Major in Wood Product Processing, minor in Commerce, UBC).

- Lily Quality Control Assistant

As a graduate student from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, I came across the opportunity to work as an energy engineer for West Fraser’s corporate office in Quesnel, BC. When I was offered the position, I jumped into my car and drove straight from Vancouver to Quesnel.

- Mohammed Energy Engineer

I began working for West Fraser during my University of British Columbia (UBC) co-operative education term in 2011. Following graduation from UBC with a Bachelor of Science (specializing in wood products processing) and a minor in Commerce, I was hired by West Fraser in recognition for my hard work and fairness. I am thankful for that.

- Houston Sawmill Superintendent


Working in Hinton Pulp’s Reliability department was a great experience. Upon arrival at the mill for my eight-month work term, I found everyone very friendly and helpful. The support I received ranged from having my questions about the equipment answered to having their location in the mill shown to me.

- Maryam Engineering co-op student at Hinton Pulp

Emily summer student at Hinton Wood Products

I’m an outdoorsy person and always knew I wanted to work outside. I wanted a physically and mentally challenging job; this is what attracted me towards forestry. Forestry is just so diverse; there are endless opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.

- Emily Summer student at Hinton Wood Products

Olivia summer student at Hinton Wood Products

I love being able to work outdoors, do something different every day, and see different parts of the land base around me. I started the Forest Technology program in the fall of 2014, and have never worked in the forest industry prior to attending NAIT.

- Olivia Silviculture Summer Student

Kyle Student at Hinton Pulp

This past work-term has been the first time that I have been able to apply the concepts that I have been learning in school to real world problems and to really feel like I am making a difference.

- Kyle Engineering summer student at Hinton Pulp

Jason summer student at Hinton Pulp

Although my placement was only four months long, my exposure to the Pulp industry at Hinton Pulp was unforgettable and technically enlightening. I was extremely lucky to have worked with experienced engineers who showed me how much there still was to learn, but who also trusted me to make impactful decisions.

- Jason Engineering Co-op Student at Hinton Pulp

This past co-op term at Quesnel River Pulp (QRP) has been quite enjoyable. Everyone at QRP is approachable and willing to help however they can. A lot of the work I’ve done this term has allowed me to improve my project management skills by planning and supervising contracted jobs.

- Robb Engineering co-op student at Quesnel River Pulp

I have thoroughly enjoyed my four month stay at Quesnel River Pulp, having had the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of people. While working here, I have had the opportunity to both manage and work on a variety of projects, both independently and as part of a group.

- Elijah Engineering co-op student at Quesnel River Pulp

Working at Quesnel River Pulp for the summer was amazing. I learnt more in 4 months there than I thought was possible. I worked on projects, big and small, which enabled me to learn and be creative. I worked by myself and in a group of senior engineers, which taught me to be more confident in my own ideas.

- Courtney Engineering co-op student at Quesnel River Pulp

Working as an engineering summer student at Quesnel River Pulp (QRP) has been one of the best work terms I have done. Everyone here has been very friendly and helped foster my learning experience along the way.

- Brenden Engineering co-op student at Quesnel River Pulp

My experience at Slave Lake Pulp was outstanding. Every colleague was outgoing, easy to approach, and made coming to work enjoyable. From my experience I have learnt more than I was expecting to when I showed up 4 months ago.

- Jason Engineering co-op student at Slave Lake Pulp