Treated Wood

Our facility

West Fraser operates a modern, efficient wood preservation facility in Sundre, Alberta.  Being part of the West Fraser family of mills allows Sundre to deliver the high standard of quality and consistency that differentiates us.  Since 1987 we've produced quality pressure-treated products that optimize the wise use of our forests by making outdoor structures last for decades.

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Our environmentally responsible plant operates under the permit of the Alberta Ministry of the Environment. It's fully certified by the Canadian Wood Preservation Certification Authority.

Please contact our sales contacts for more information: 

Sales Office Location
Quesnel, British Columbia
1250 Brownmiller Road
Quesnel, British Columbia
Canada V2J 6P5
[email protected]

Eric Carrier
General Manager-Canadian Lumber

Chris Hyde
Sales Lead - Specialty Products

Mike Clarke
Specialty Wood Products Sales