Our Approach to Training

It is part of our culture to invest in developing our employees and promoting people within the Company. Our focus on challenging employees to take on new opportunities within West Fraser means that there are many career paths available to grow your career with us.

Employees working at our divisions represent a wide range of different positions and career paths from trades and operations, to engineering, forestry and professional service jobs like sales and accounting. As a result, education, skills development and trades training necessary to build your path at West Fraser will be different depending on the requirements of the role. In our production roles, our New and Young Worker program is well developed and reinforces the Company Safety Policy, an approach that ensures every employee understands that safety is a core value and a business priority. 

West Fraser also supports opportunities for employees to continue their education or other career training. Depending on your role, education and training may take the form of apprenticeships, trades certifications, on-the-job training, internal skills development programs, safety education or other professional certifications and courses.

Every person's career path is different and therefore training, professional development and education activities are determined between an employee and their manager.

West Fraser believes in promoting from within. In fact, 99% of our senior leadership (General Manager and above) were internal hires promoted into these senior roles. We offer an extensive leadership development curriculum and mentorship opportunities to ensure our employees receive the skills and training they need to move to the next step in their career.