Chetwynd Forest Industries Bursaries

Scholarships for graduate students of Chetwynd Secondary School

Maximum awards of up to $2500.00 per year are divided as seen fit by the management of West Fraser. Scholarships are awarded for attendance at any accredited university, college, or technical school in Canada. Chetwynd Secondary School will ensure proof of entry into the school of the scholarship winner’s choice and West Fraser will then forward payment to CSS.

Successful applicants will be judged by a combination of grade point average, attitude, effort, community involvement and need.

Preference for selection of scholarship awards will be given to:

  • Sons or daughters of West Fraser employees.
  • Students working on weekends or evenings for West Fraser.
  • Sons or daughters of West Fraser seniority contractors – Logging and Trucking.

Awards will be presented on behalf of Chetwynd Forest Industries by the Chetwynd Secondary School Awards Committee.

For More Information Contact:

Chetwynd Forest Industries
Catherine Kuzma

  • Available to students in the Chetwynd area