For Forestry Students

Working for West Fraser as a Forestry Student

Every year, we hire summer students for our Canadian operations to get hands-on experience and training in the forest industry. Forestry students can work in three main areas: planning, operations, and silviculture.

Forestry summer terms can be four months or up to a year, depending on your institution’s program schedule and how far along you are in your school program.

To qualify for one of West Fraser’s summer student opportunities, you must be enrolled in a Forestry Degree Program or a Forestry Technical Diploma Program at an accredited post-secondary institution (such as a university, college or polytechnic institute).

  • Forestry Planning allows students to implement operational planning of harvesting and road construction programs related to various forest tenures as well as other related planning duties.
  • In Forestry Operations students get exposed to organizing and assisting with harvesting and road construction programs and inspections.
  • Silviculture students will be involved in supervising planting, regeneration/free-growing surveys, insect probes, stand tending assessments, and other silviculture activities.

For an insight into what it's like to be a part of our summer and co-op student programmes, check out the Greenest Workforce blog. The blog is run by the Forest Products Association of Canada, and its entries are all written by current forestry summer or co-op students. In 2017, four of the contributors worked at West Fraser.