For Engineering

Working for West Fraser as an Engineering Student

Every year we hire summer engineering students throughout our Canadian operations to get hands-on experience in the pulp manufacturing industry. Engineering students may work in four exciting areas: production, technical, maintenance, and/or engineering. Students often work in, or with, several departments.

West Fraser pulp mills are technically exciting facilities. We have state-of-the-art processing, electrical, and mechanical systems, all in a single facility. The plants are big, complex, and dynamic operations, where each day presents an opportunity to learn from some of the best people in the industry.

  • Production is the heart of a mill.  Turning trees into world market pulp requires sophisticated chemical and mechanical systems, which are all controlled by high level computerized controls.
  • Technical and Engineering provide support for quality, lab testing, process optimization, and project work.  Students often get involved in specialized projects.
  • Maintenance is critical to ensuring the plant operates at sustainable, cost effective rates.  With millions of components this requires organized systems for asset, repair ,and inventory maintenance.  Students often assist in analysis and troubleshooting.

Students find our plants are filled with opportunities to learn about many different aspects of engineering. Students can specialize in their interest for their work term. Summer terms are typically four months. To qualify for one of West Fraser’s summer student opportunities, you must be enrolled in a University Engineering Degree Program at an accredited post-secondary institution.