West Fraser uses more than 95% of each harvested tree. They’re turned into a wood product, panel, pulp, paper, and other products or used in a bioenergy system.

We aim to get the best value from every log entering one of our operations. The aim is to achieve the maximum recovery from every tree coming into our mills. We use scanning technology to determine the ideal mix of wood products that can be made from each log. 

Virtually every part of a log will find use within our operations: 

  • sawdust and shavings are used in our medium density fibreboard (MDF) plants or are transformed into fuel and energy to run the mill.
  • Wood chips and the wood cores from our plywood and veneer operations are used in our pulping operations. 
  • Even the heat, steam, and gases that develop during our manufacturing processes can be captured to provide energy to our mills.

We are reducing waste and the materials that may previously have been sent to landfills. Our work includes innovating our production process and increasing our recycling. Also, we are using more of the wood residuals created during the manufacturing of our lumber, panels, and wood products.