An advanced range of flooring products designed to fit all applications; new-build, replacement, domestic and commercial.

CaberFloor P5

High-strength P5 wood particleboard for domestic and most other floors.

Key features:

  • Tongue and groove or square-edged profile
  • Stable, durable, easy to lay
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Provides an excellent surface for subsequent floor laying operations
  • Removes the need for intermediate noggins
  • Strong and robust


An 18mm or 22mm thickness flooring panel offering increased protection from the elements, CaberDek combines the UK’s market leading particleboard flooring with a tough, waterproof and slip-resistant film. Protected from weather and dirt for up to 42 days, CaberDek’s strong film can be removed after work leaving a clean finished floor - ready for further flooring applications.

Key features:

  • Incorporates a strong waterproof and slip resistant, peelable film
  • Impact, puncture and tear resistant film withstands high site traffic
  • 44dB sound reduction when used in conjunction with leading I-beam and insulation manufacturers
  • BBA approved for 42 days exposure* when installed with CaberFix
  • Complies with BS EN312: part 5

*When installed according to manufacturer’s instructions


Our tough P5 flooring with a permanent, waterproof coating on both sides. An advanced product designed for the unpredictable British weather. Our P5 chipboard is coated on both sides with a tough, waterproof coating. Double-sided, the top side is non-slip to ensure a safe working platform, whereas the underside is smooth enabling the board to easily slide into place.

Key features:

  • Double-sided protection with a tough, permanent waterproof coating
  • BBA approved for 60 days exposure* when used with CaberFix D4 adhesive
  • Non-slip, safe working platform that withstands high site traffic
  • Easy to slide into place with smooth underside
  • Colour coded sides to make it easy to identify top surface
  • All the inherent benefits of CaberFloor P5


CaberFloor P5 chipboard with an attached acoustic layer. The UK's most specified chipboard flooring has been upgraded with an attached acoustic layer on the underside to reduce both impact and airborne transmitted sounds in timber flooring.

Key features:

  • Available as 18 or 22mm CaberFloor P5 with a 10mm sound reducing layer
  • Reduces impact sounds transmission by ΔLw19dB†
  • Contributes to airborne noise reduction††
  • Made in the UK using eco recycled felt
  • All the inherent benefits of CaberFloor P5

† 19dB sound reduction applies when CaberAcoustic is installed on its own. Greater reductions applicable when used within a system for noise transference reduction (see table on page 92/ 93).

†† When used in the right system.