Our Culture

The story of West Fraser started 65 years ago at the end of a dusty road leading to Quesnel, British Columbia. There, three pioneering and hardworking brothers veered off course from a fishing trip and saw their future in the people and the resources in the area.

Profitable in the first month that Pete, Sam and Bill operated their first purchase - the Two Mile Planing Mill in Quesnel - the Company has never wavered from three foundational principles: 

  • First, we are absolutely committed to promoting a low-cost culture throughout the Company in good times and bad.  
  • Second, we reinvest our cash flow into our business to ensure we have the lowest cost and most highly efficient mills in the industry.  
  • Third, we strive to maintain a prudent balance sheet throughout the business cycle.

West Fraser's unique culture of caring and striving for excellence has been defined by our employees - many of whom have built their careers at the Company. Like the pioneers who worked so hard to establish West Fraser 65 years ago, our employees continue to drive our success through a passion for innovation, relentless work ethic, a sense of personal ownership, and pride in our business.