Responsible Fibre Sourcing

West Fraser sourced approximately 14 million cubic metres of logs in Canada and 12 million tons of logs for U.S. operations in 2020.

  • 100% certified supply chain

    • All West Fraser operations hold supply chain standards certification  

    • All directly-managed forest lands are independently sustainable management certified (SFI)

  • Timber supply procured from independently-certified forest management certified sources

    • Sustainable harvest of 0.46% of directly-managed forest lands in 2020

    • The percentage of certified sustainable forest management-sourced supply in Canada is 78.5%. For U.S. operations, it's 31%

  • 2020: Invested $7.5 million in forest research

West Fraser’s wood supply comes from sustainably managed public forestlands in Canada and private lands in the U.S. and Canada that may be sustainable forest management certified or uncertified.

All timber sources that are not forest management certified are procured following the SFI Fibre Sourcing Standard requirements to ensure West Fraser only sources from legal, responsible sources. Chain of Custody certification traces wood fibre through the supply chain, tracking wood from its origin to the mill to ensure it comes from legal, responsible sources.

Fibre sourcing requirements include:

  • landowner outreach measures to promote the practice of biodiversity,
  • using forestry best management practices to protect water quality,
  • and encouraging the use of qualified forest management and harvesting professionals. 

All of the wood fibre supply for mills in the U.S. is procured. The Company manages public forestlands exclusively in Western Canada, in the predominantly coniferous forests of Alberta and British Columbia.