Reinvestment in the Business

Worker Decking Logs
  • In excess of 1.6 billion in capital investment in our operations (2012-2017)
  • West Fraser’s recent capital program is the most comprehensive in our history

For more than 60 years, West Fraser’s business strategy has been straight-forward and consistently focused on three key drivers: to be the low-cost, high-margin producer in each of our product lines and geographic regions; maintaining a conservative balance sheet to manage for the inherent cyclicality of our industry; and reinvesting in our business assets. We believe these three pillars are the cornerstones to our success.

Our capital program brings the latest mill technology, improved effeciencies and improved work environment improvements for our talented team. Since 2012, we have reinvested in excess of $1.6 billion across the Company to equip our facilities to be the most efficient, modern mills in the industry. Within our comprehensive capital program, we have completed 11 major sawmill rebuilds, upgraded 13 planers, added 33 continuous kilns and built 6 major energy and bio-product projects. This

Our consistent business approach, diversified operating footprint, focus on reinvesting in our business and development of high-performance teams puts us in a strong position to compete in our sector and product markets.

See the 2016 Report to Shareholders (page 4-5), os the 2017 Report to Shareholders (page 5-6)  for more detail about  our annual capital activities.