Fibre Utilization & Recovery

  • We use more than 95 per cent of each tree harvested
  • The majority of the wood chip fibre necessary for our pulp operations is recycled from lumber processing
  • Our MDF product is SCS Recycled Content certified to contain more than 85% pre-consumer recycled spruce and pine sawdust and shavings

Total fibre utlization

The most significant material input to our company is wood fibre. We manufacture renewable, sustainable products that may be reused, recycled or consumed for energy generation.

Our objective is to attain the best value from every log entering one of our operations. To achieve the maximum recovery from every tree entering our mills, we use scanning technology to determine what the idea mix of wood products that can be made from each log. The use of technology to make better milling decisions helps to recover 20% more of a log for lumber than was possible 20 years ago.

Waste not, want not. More than 95 per cent of each tree harvested is utilized – whether it is turned into a wood product, panel, pulp, paper and other products or used in a bioenergy system


Virtually every part of a log will find a use within our operations: sawdust and shavings can be used in our medium density fibreboard (MDF) plants, or transformed into fuel and energy to run the mill. Wood chips and the wood cores from our plywood and veneer operations are used in our pulping operations. Even the heat, steam and gases that develop during our manufacturing processes can be captured to provide energy to our mills.

By innovating our production process, increasing our recycling and using more of the wood residuals created during the manufacturing of our lumber, panels and wood products, we are reducing waste and the materials that may previously have been sent to landfills.

We detail our approach to operating environmentally and socially responsibly in the Responsibility section of our website. Read on for more detail about our commitment to the full utilization of the fibre we harvest.