Supporting Conservation

There are unique areas within the Company's managed forestlands that are worthy of special management practices and conservation. 

West Fraser has deferred or relinquished harvesting rights in ecologically important portions of forestlands we manage. To date, this represents over half a million hectares (1.24 million acres) – an area almost 100 times the size of Manhattan. 

In addition to the permanent protection of the Kitlope Valley, West Fraser has made voluntary relinquishments or harvesting deferrals in British Columbia and Alberta to address issues such as wildlife recovery and habitat management.  

For example, West Fraser has made a number of deferrals to support caribou populations in British Columbia and Alberta. You can click here to learn more about how the Company is working to protect caribou.

More than a decade ago, the Company established a program in Alberta called Special Places in the Forest to address special, unique, and/or rare sites in the forests we manage such as watersheds, recreational areas, and places of cultural or historical significance. 

West Fraser continues to be active in addressing conservation issues and protection of special places through world-leading sustainable forest management practices and active collaboration with governments, forest stakeholders and the communities where we operate.