Stories of Responsibility

Chetwynd Community Forest sign
A lot of work and planning goes into the process of harvesting trees. West Fraser works with community members, businesses and organizations to manage forestland in the areas where we... more
Mike Sakakibara, the planning supervisor in the Quesnel woods office, spreads out the historic aerial photos of the cut block in Tree Farm Licence (TFL) #5 (which is now a part of the... more
West Fraser builds and maintains hundreds of kilometres of roads as a part of our forest management practices. In 2013, a road near Pleasant Valley Creek in the Quesnel, B.C. area, was... more
West Fraser’s pulp mills are constantly looking to incorporate new technologies and innovation to reduce our energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG’s) emissions and the impact of... more
West Fraser reforests the land we harvest, planting a similar mix and variation of tree species. How do we collect the seeds we need to replant millions of trees a year? Many years... more
Balsam seedlings
1.6 billion. That is how many trees West Fraser has planted since 1955. Planted in a row, these trees would stretch around the world 80 times. We plant many more trees than we harvest... more
Clearwater trail web
Access management has been a huge issue in Alberta for over 30 years. It has been a great challenge for the Alberta government to manage the activities in our forests and ensure there... more
Innovative approaches to improving production do not always come in the form of new equipment, sometimes, they come from new ways of looking at our available resources. In addition to... more
In Quesnel, West Fraser manages an area-based tenure, Tree Farm License 52 (“TFL 52”), that we see as an excellent model for sustainable forest management. Under volume-based tenures,... more
Brian Pate is looking forward to catching up on his sleep. A Forest Planner at West Fraser’s Chetwynd Forest Industries mill, Brian burned up many nights and weekends this spring in a... more
Forest harvesting operations require West Fraser to build, maintain and repair thousands of kilometres of forest access roads. Here’s one example of how we develop smart solutions to... more
We collaborate with other industrial users to develop integrated land management strategies to address the collective industrial footprint on the landscape, through programs such as... more
Over the years, during countless runs and walks along the Town Trail system next to Maxwell Lake in Hinton, Alberta, West Fraser’s Chief Biologist, Dr. Rick Bonar thought about... more
There are unique areas within the Company's managed forestlands that are worthy of special management practices and conservation.  West Fraser has deferred or relinquished harvesting... more
In 1994, West Fraser voluntarily relinquished harvesting rights to the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest on earth: the Kitlope. West Fraser was the first forestry company in... more