Special Places in the Forest Program

As industry leaders in the wise use of forest resources, we are dedicated to maintaining our tradition as responsible stewards of our managed forestlands.  We recognize that there are unique sites situated within our working forest and that these areas need to be managed in a special way. 

West Fraser has a strong track record when it comes to protecting special places, and we’ve relinquished harvesting rights and deferred harvesting on tenured lands when it was the right thing to do. You can read about more about our record of environmental protection in our Stories of Responsibility

Special Places in the Forest Program

West Fraser’s Hinton Wood Products Division has a unique approach to managing these special sites through a program called “Special Places in the Forest”. Hinton Wood Products proposed to the provincial government that within the forestlands the Division manages, there are certain areas should be protected, while other areas should be specially managed for such values as wildlife, watersheds, aesthetics, recreation, timber or their historical significance.

The four main components of Hinton Wood Products' Special Places in the Forest Program are as follows:

  • Protected Areas
  • Educational Areas
  • Special Management Areas or Special Features
  • Cultural or Historical Sites

For more information about Hinton Wood Products' Special Places in the Forest Program you can request a copy of the Special Places in the Forest booklet, which includes 150 pages of information on the entire Special Places in the Forest Program, including maps, historical information, and detailed descriptions of each site. Please e-mail an order  your name, address and contact phone number. 

Special Places in the Forest is a continually improving program

Do you know any special places on our Forest Management Area that Hinton Wood Products should consider? We are interested in special sites such as waterfalls, springs, rare plant communities, large glacial erratics, hoodoo formations, den sites, mineral licks, as well as historical sites, such as old cabins, mining areas, and settlement areas.

If you would like to nominate a Special Place in the Forest, please fill out this form and submit it to Hinton Wood Products.