First Nations

West Fraser’s mills and forest operations often work in partnership with First Nations people in the Company’s operational regions. We seek to maintain respectful, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and First Nations communities.

As a member of Forest Products Association of Canada, we’re part of sector-wide programs aiming to increase education, skills development, and encourage members of First Nations communities, particularly youth, to consider employment in the forestry sector.

Working with First Nations Communities

We recognize that Canada’s First Nations people have a special connection to the land through their culture and historical use. We respect that connection when undertaking our operations.

In some of our operational regions, treaties have been signed between First Nations and the Crown, and we respect those treaty arrangements. We also understand that some First Nations people have asserted the continuing existence of aboriginal rights and title over certain lands and resources. The Crown has recognized duties to First Nations people in these circumstances. We recognize in the course of carrying out these duties that our operations may be affected from time to time.
We are committed to the health and long-term environmental sustainability of the forests where we operate. Our operations provide significant economic activity and prosperity to the communities where we operate. First Nations people are essential members of many of those communities.

We are committed to working with First Nations people with mutual respect and understanding of each other's interests, values, and goals. Through our consultation, planning and forestry operations, we intend to: 

  • Promote regular communication with First Nations people,
  • Support training initiatives and provide First Nations people with equitable access to economic opportunities, including contract work and employment,
  • When necessary, engage in conflict resolution processes that are effective, and
  • Seek long-term relationships with First Nations people based on goals of mutual economic advancement, understanding and respect.