West Fraser invests in the communities where our employees live and work. Our property tax contributions help to support schools, parks, emergency services, health care and other important programs in the regions where we have operations. Our employees also take community support personally, and in many communities our employees contribute to and actively participate in regional and local charitable initiatives.

We also contribute to the towns and regions where we operate through donations and other charitable programs. We provide support to a variety of initiatives such as local school scholarships, reading programs, libraries, community centres, health care programs, parks, skating arenas, swimming pools, baseball diamonds and more. We have also made contributions to improving health and education in regions surrounding our operations.

The main focus of our charitable efforts is to enhance the communities where we operate. Our mills consider donation requests or donations in-kind (such as wood products) from charitable organizations in the communities where we have facilities, to benefit community life, health and wellness, forestry education and scholarship programs.