Responsible Timber Sourcing

Our operations rely on the consistent supply of substantial quantities of wood fibre.  Audited, independent fibre sourcing and sustainable forestry certifications are important tools to demonstrate assurance that West Fraser’s wood products are sourced from sustainably managed forests and responsibly-sourced wood fibre.

As a company operating in many jurisdictions with different systems for managing forest resources, West Fraser has selected certification standards that accommodate the attributes of the forest regions in which we operate. These high standards are also recognized by the consumers of our products in the markets where our products are sold.

For sources originating from within the United States and Canada, SFI Fiber Sourcing certification ensures the wood we procure complies with all applicable laws and encourages the practice of responsible forestry. This includes addressing the conservation of biodiversity for Forests with Exceptional Conservation Value in harvests of purchased stumpage, and utilizing the services of qualified logging professionals, certified logging professionals and resource professionals. We also invest in forestry research, science and technology, and develop verifiable monitoring systems to evaluate the use of best management practices across the wood and fiber supply area. All these requirements are independently audited by a competent and accredited certification body.