Sustainable Forestry & Responsible Fibre Sourcing

Independently certified for sustainable forest management in Canada, where we manage forest lands.

Our operations are dependent on the consistent supply of substantial quantities of wood fibre. Sustainable forest management means managing the forest in a way that maintains an ecologically sustainable and socially desired balance of values. It aims to ensure all the values present in the forest today, such as recreation, biodiversity, habitat protection, clean water, and others, will be there for future generations to use and enjoy.

Forest certification is a voluntary tool that demonstrates West Fraser’s wood products are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Third-party independent auditors verify that we have met high standards for a number of key criteria, including the sustainable growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of habitat, wildlife, plants, water and soil quality, and a wide range of other conservation goals.

Just 10 per cent of the world’s forests are certified to an independent certification system.  Canada's independently certified forest land represents 37% of all certified forests worldwide, the largest area of third-party-certified forests in any country.

West Fraser, within a comprehensive certification program, has registered 100% of the Canadian forestlands entrusted to the Company to independent, auditeed, and voluntary sustainable certification programs.

As a company operating in many jurisdictions with different systems for managing forest resources, West Fraser has selected certification standards that accommodate the unique attributes of the forest regions in which we operate. These high standards are also recognized by the consumers of our products in the markets where our products are sold. 

Most of Canada’s forest land (93%) is publicly owned and the right to harvest timber is only allowed through government granted licenses.  West Fraser follows strict forest management requirements to be able to maintain and renew government-granted harvesting rights in Canada.

All of the Company’s Canadian woodlands operations directly managed by West Fraser are independently certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), an internationally-recognized sustainable forest management certification program, for both fiber sourcing and forest management. At this time, West Fraser does not directly manage forestlands in the United States.