Our Employees

West Fraser Employment Awards

We respect the same core beliefs that were central to our Company when it was founded in 1955: count all your cents, treat people fairly, laugh out loud and work harder than anyone else in the business to be the best.   

Our company culture is grounded in a clear set of values: safety, integrity, humility, teamwork, frugality, innovation, competitiveness, and respect for each other. These values underpin how we work with each other every day. We uphold our values by living by them. It is up to each and every one of us to maintain a respectful workplace, a safe work environment, and to be aware of and appreciate each employee’s contribution to making West Fraser a successful company.

West Fraser continues to be recognized as one of Canada's  Ten Most Admired Corporate Cultures and one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. These awards are important to our recruiting efforts to demonstrate the long-term career opportunities and the working environment we offer as an employer.

We believe highly engaged employees are a critical part of how we achieve performance excellence, growth and fiscal strength. Our company culture aims to foster a working environment where every person and position is valued and every person is challenged to contribute to our shared success.

Developing leadership skills in our employees is something we take seriously at every level of the organization, and we track internal promotions. Our aim is that 60 – 70% of open salaried professional and leadership positions are filled by an internal candidate from the Company’s hourly workforce. In 2019, 53% of open salaried positions were filled by promoted hourly employees.

One of our recruitment objectives and a sector priority is to hire a diverse workforce, including improving the under-represented workforce participation of Indigenous Peoples, women and visible minorities in our operations. As demographic change shifts a significant portion of our long-serving workforce towards retirement, we are working to attract talented people to consider a career in the forest industry. Our recruitment program supports our efforts to challenge old perceptions of the forest industry and to assist diverse candidates to be aware of the wide range of challenges and growth opportunities afforded by a career in one of our facilities.

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Our Employees

We have 8,230 employees across 50 sites, including operating facilities and office locations.

Employees 2019 by ageEmployees 2019 segmented
Total Employees8,6008,5708,230
% of Employees in United States37%37%36%
% of Employees in Canada63%63%64%

*workforce numbers includes share of employees in 50%-owned operations. More diversity and gender data for West Fraser's workforce iis available in the Equal Opportunity section.


Diversity and Equal Opportunity

  • We believe all individuals who have the necessary qualifications should have an equal opportunity to compete for employment and advancement. See our statement on workplace diversity. 

  • West Fraser set out a workforce diversity statement in 2019. Going forward, the Company plans to actively track and report on women’s development in workforce, in leadership (supervisory) roles, and in senior leadership roles

What sets our Company apart from our competitors is the commitment, skill, and performance of our people. Every person is important, and we want every employee to have the opportunity to grow, achieve their potential, and be valued for the contribution they make to the success of the Company.

West Fraser believes inclusive, diverse teams build a more vibrant workforce, safer operations and a stronger company overall. We aim to create workplaces that are reflective of the communities we are a part of and where diversity in culture, experience and background are valued.

Our approach underpins our strategic objectives to attract, employ and retain engaged, talented and high-performing people, support better decision making, reach a broader pool of potential employees and maintain a more inclusive work environment.

By including and leveraging diverse perspectives and experience we will keep our Company competitive, safer, innovative and achieving top performance. To achieve this vision we will:

  • Utilize our HR systems to better understand the diverse makeup of our employee community
  • Consider diversity in people development discussions in support of our promote-from-within culture
  • Implement training for supervisors and hiring managers on relevant topics such as recognizing unconscious bias to ensure employees are considered fairly and have equal opportunity to develop and advance
  • Identify recruitment practices to improve the workforce participation of Indigenous Peoples, women and minorities

We are proud to have been recognized as a top employer, but we have work to do to achieve our goals in these areas. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is relevant to all levels in the organization. Addressing how we include, value and support all of our employees aligns with our Company’s core values of teamwork, respect, humility and integrity.

West Fraser’s commitment is to provide a non-discriminatory, harassment-free work environment, which is detailed in the Human Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination & Harassment policy within our Code of Conduct section 5. Human Rights, Discrimination and Harassment and West Fraser’s Board Diversity Policy.

GRI Standards Index 406 - Non-Discrimination

Our objective is to provide every employee with a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment based on race, colour, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, marital or family status, disability or sexual orientation.

We train managers so they can maintain a harassment, discrimination and violence-free workplace. We expect our managers to promptly address concerns raised through complaints in a timely and effective manner. Our Bullying and Harassment policy applies to all employees as well as contractors, consultants, and visitors on West Fraser premises, or which are connected to the workplace and during any employment-related duties or activities, including conferences, training sessions, travel and social functions.

See our Code of Conduct, section 5. Human Rights, Discrimination and Harassment