Little Sundance


The Little Sundance Campground is a small group campground located adjacent to Little Sundance Creek. It is used primarily as a base camp for hunters in the area. There is also fishing for rainbow trout and eastern brook trout in Sundance Creek, and hiking and mountain bike opportunities in the area.

How to Get There

From Highway 16, turn north (right if travelling from Edmonton) onto Switzer Drive (this is the first exit into Hinton when travelling from Edmonton or the eastern most exit when travelling from Jasper). Continue down Switzer Drive until reaching a T-intersection (approximately 1 kilometre). Turn right. Follow this road for approximately 500 metres and take the first left (onto a large well-maintained gravel road). This road travels down and crosses the Athabasca River. Just before crossing the Athabasca River Bridge you will be on an active logging/hauling road. Drive with extreme caution (please review our “Exploring Managed Forest Lands" section). After crossing the Athabasca River Bridge you will be on the Willow Road (also called the "W" road). Follow the "W" road for approximately 4 kilometres (kilometre signs are posted on the side of the road), until an intersection on the right side of the road is reached at the "W9" km sign. This is the Emerson Creek Road (also known as the "A" road. Turn right here and travel for approximately 59 kilometres (the "A" 68 kilometre road sign) and then look for a road on the right. Follow this road for approximately 12 kilometres until coming to Little Sundance campground on the right.


In the summer time, this road can be driven in a 2-wheel drive vehicle, however if the last 12 kilometres is wet, a 4-wheel drive is required.


There is a $105/night group fee, plus $11.00 for each unit over 10 units (a unit is a tent or a R.V.).


FRMA provides firewood free of charge.


This campground is maintained by FRMA. This has been sub-contracted to Fox Creek Development Association, an aboriginal owned company located in Hinton, with a long working relationship with Hinton Wood Products.


This campground is a group campground and therefore available by reservations only. Reservations can be made by phoning the campground maintenance contractor "Fox Creek Development Association". They can be reached at 780-865-2154, (between 8 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday), or by e-mail at There is a non-refundable reservation fee of $111.