Bike Trails

West Fraser's Hinton Wood Products (HWP) Division in cooperation with the Hinton Mountain Bike Association spearheaded a project to mapping and add signage to two very popular local mountain bike trail systems which can be accessed from the town of Hinton – the Happy Creek Trail System and Jack’s Trail System.

Happy Creek Trail System is a series of connecting singletrack trails with a wide range of options for all skill levels. Rolling terrain and an interesting mix of roots, sidehills, climbs, stunts, boardwalks and viewpoints make this a local favorite. 

Jack's Trail System is a beautiful (primarily singletrack) trail, that slowly, and gradually, gains elevation until you reach the furthest point from the trailhead, at which time the trail is then almost entirely downhill back to your original starting point. 

The links at left provide downloadable files of the three biking maps Hinton Wood Products produced (these maps are also available on the Hinton Mountain Bike Association's website)

Note: Most of the hiking trails in the Hinton Forest Mangement Area are open to cycling. There is also an extensive network of old logging and mining roads throughout the Hinton Forest Management Area that offers challenges for all skill levels.