All Terrain Vehicles (ATV or quads)

ATV enthusiasts can look forward to beautiful scenery and challenging terrain on a network of seismic lines, old roads, and designated ATV trails. Popular areas near Hinton include trails in the Cache Percotte Forest and the non-vegetated dunes on the south side of Brule Lake. ATV access to this area surrounding Cadomin has changed with the recent development of the Cheviot coal mine. 

ATV use is not allowed:

  • on multi-purpose trails
  • in Provincial Recreation Areas
  • in protected areas
  • in the Prime Protection Zone bordering Jasper National Park

It’s restricted to specific periods and/or designated ATV corridors in some sensitive areas (called Forest Land Use Zones). Contact the Lands and Forest Service for information about motorized vehicle restrictions and designated access corridors. Contacts: Land and Forest Service, 865-8267.

The Foothills Recreation Management Association manages and maintains two campgrounds for ATV riders. These are the Gregg River Recreation Area and the Petite Lake Campground. At both sites, ATVs can be driven in and out of the campground. Machines shouldn't run between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.