Lakes TSA Maps

Tree planters working in the bush

LAKES TSA forest stewardship plan #651

In order to help stakeholders review and comment on the plans, these overview and detailed maps have been made available.

Overview maps

Detailed maps

93E.110 93E.115 93E.120
93E.124 93E.125 93F.101
93F.102 93F.106 93F.107
93F.111 93F.112 93F.113
93F.116 93F.117 93F.118
93F.121 93F.122 93F.123
93K.103 93K.106 93K.107
93K.108 93K.111 93K.112
93K.113 93K.116 93K.117
93K.121 93K.122 93L.105
93L.110 93L.115 93L.120