We are committed to collaborative efforts to recover sustainable caribou populations. Our forest management and harvest planning considers habitat protection for a wide range of species. We believe it is possible to support caribou recovery while maintaining a healthy, working forest resource.

For several decades, we have worked cooperatively and collaboratively with the provincial governments in British Columbia and Alberta, the Federal Government and other interested parties to contribute to the stabilization and recovery of caribou populations.

Our primary goal is to operate in a way that supports the continued health of herds that are stable or growing and halt or reverse the declines other herds are experiencing.

What are we doing?

Our forest management planning and practices to support sustainable caribou populations including: limiting activity to the control or salvage of insect-damaged timber or voluntary harvest deferrals in areas of concern, modified forest management practices, participation in scientific studies, and participation in targeted programs, such as caribou maternity pens

We deploy harvesting techniques and technologies designed to minimize impacts to caribou populations. Our habitat experts and wildlife biologists study caribou populations in our operating areas, consider potential impacts of harvesting activity and implement practices to support the maintenance of productive caribou habitat. This work is fully integrated with our sustainable forest management planning and our commitment to managing healthy forests as an infinitely renewable resource.

West Fraser funds and actively supports innovative research to provide science-based approaches to inform our forestry practices. We aim to implement evidence-based strategies to continually improve the regeneration of healthy, continuous forests that support thriving wildlife habitat. Our sponsorship of and participation in the Foothills Research Institute also helps to develop new approaches to caribou conservation.  The purpose of the Foothills Research Institute is to test and develop the most innovative and sustainable forestry practices available.

Read on for more information about caribou in our British Columbia and Alberta operating areas.

Here are a few examples of what we are doing now to protect caribou herds in our operating areas in British Columbia and Alberta.