Blue Ridge Lumber

Blue Ridge Lumber (BRL) recognizes the multitude of values that the forest resource provides to the people of Alberta.  Every year, BRL carries out public consultation on forest management related plans and activities to ensure that members of the public have meaningful opportunities to review, ask questions, and provide input on our operating plans for the upcoming year.  Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation and restrictions on public gatherings, we are unable to host our physical open houses in local communities as we typically would at this time of year.

As an alternative, we are making our annual consultation information available through the West Fraser website. The documents provide an overview of Blue Ridge Lumber’s 2021-2022 planned activities.

We encourage the public to review the information provided, and to contact us directly with any questions or comments.   Respondents may direct their inqueries to Dane Webster at 780-648-6399 or [email protected] .