Bleached Chemical Thermo-Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP)

West Fraser has two BCTMP pulp mills with a total production capacity of 650,000 Metric Tonnes per year. The mechanical process applies heat, chemicals and a refining process to make BCTMP in a non-chlorine environment. Softwood BCTMP is used for manufacturing products such as coated board grades, printing and writing paper and paper towel/napkin grades.

Hardwood BCTMP is produced at our Slave Lake mill. It's recognized for quality levels suitable for the production of coated board grades, printing and writing papers. Our Hardwood BCTMP has been successfully introduced into specialty papers and tissue grades.

Pulp Operations

Quesnel River Pulp

  • Quesnel, British Columbia
  • Production: 400,000 Metric Tonnes per year of Softwood BCTMP
  • Species: Primarily Lodgepole Pine and White Spruce
  • Trade Name: QRP

Slave Lake Pulp

  • Slave Lake, Alberta
  • Production: 290,000 Metric Tonnes per year of Hardwood BCTMP
  • Species: Primarily Aspen
  • Trade Name: Ranger