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May 09, 2018
Recently our Armour, North Carolina mill was re-evaluated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration... more
May 07, 2018
For West Fraser, a "working forest" means a lot more than an area to harvest, it is also carefully... more
May 03, 2018
Our Joyce mill employees had a great time at the Louisiana Forest Festival in April. They made an awesome float... more
Mar 28, 2018
On March 28th, Cheslatta Carrier Nation opened the doors to their new training centre on their property at Danskin... more
Mar 21, 2018
Happy International Day of Forests! We are proud to reforest the land we harvest, planting 1.7 billion trees since... more
Mar 16, 2018
We are pleased about a new partnership with Pinnacle Pellet to construct a facility near our Pacific Inland... more
Jan 30, 2018
Fourth-year architecture students from the University of Arkansas had a great time visiting our Mansfield, AR... more
Jan 05, 2018
Congratulations to Jessica Eidson, the inaugural recipient of the Newberry mill scholarship in December! Presented... more
Jan 04, 2018
The grand opening of the newly-renovated Sam Ketcham Pool took place on December 14, 2017 at the West Fraser... more
Jan 03, 2018
The North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week is an annual, continent-wide event where employers... more