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Nov 05, 2020
At West Fraser, 75 percent of the energy we use at our mills is renewable. That includes energy from residual bark... more
Nov 05, 2020
It’s West Fraser’s goal to be connected with our communities, including the establishment of long-term... more
Nov 05, 2020
If you look at a pulp mill, you’ll see large stacks coming up from the building with billowing clouds of low... more
Nov 05, 2020
One of West Fraser's core values is to make sure our employees are safe, and to do that, we need to think of... more
2019 Responsibility Report
Sep 09, 2020
Highlights: 2019 Responsibility Report Summary Full 2019 Responsibility Report website (ESG reporting... more
Aug 10, 2020
Blue Ridge's 200 millionth seedling It was a small in-person ceremony for Blue Ridge’s 200 millionth... more
Jul 20, 2020
West Fraser works with more than 100 Indigenous communities across Western Canada and aims to have long-term,... more
Jul 15, 2020
Right now, 5,000 tree planters across British Columbia are attempting to plant 310 million seedlings in just a few... more
Jul 09, 2020
Our aim at West Fraser is to use every part of the logs we harvest and source. After processing logs to make... more
Jun 30, 2020
It takes work to create a partnership between industry and education. Still, it’s a working relationship... more