Workforce Diversity Statement

West Fraser's Statement on Diversity

What sets our Company apart from our competitors is the commitment, skill, and performance of our people. Every person is important, and we want every employee to have the opportunity to grow, achieve their potential, and be valued for the contribution they make to the success of the company.

West Fraser believes inclusive, diverse teams build a more vibrant workforce, safer operations and a stronger company overall. We aim to create workplaces that are reflective of the communities we are a part of and where diversity in culture, experience and background are valued.

Our approach underpins our strategic objectives to attract, employ and retain engaged, talented and high-performing people, support better decision making, reach a broader pool of potential employees and maintain a more inclusive work environment.

By including and leveraging diverse perspectives and experience we will keep our Company competitive, safer, innovative and achieving top performance. To achieve this vision we will:

  • Utilize our HR systems to better understand the diverse makeup of our employee community
  • Consider diversity in people development discussions in support of our promote-from-within culture
  • Implement training for supervisors and hiring managers on relevant topics such as recognizing unconscious bias to ensure employees are considered fairly and have equal opportunity to develop and advance
  • Identify recruitment practices to improve the workforce participation of Indigenous Peoples, women and minorities

We are proud to have been recognized as a top employer, but we have work to do to achieve our goals in these areas. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is relevant to all levels in the organization. Addressing how we include, value and support all of our employees aligns with our Company’s core values of teamwork, respect, humility and integrity.

West Fraser’s commitment is to provide a non-discriminatory, harassment-free work environment, which is detailed in the Human Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination & Harassment policy within our Code of Conduct section 5. Human Rights, Discrimination and Harassment and West Fraser’s Board Diversity Policy.