What is a working forest?

Dec 06, 2018

When we say communities benefit from a “working forest,” we mean managing a forest so that it can sustainably provide economic benefits while integrating habitat management, water, recreation, traditional cultural uses and visual impacts among others.

West Fraser works hard to develop sustainable forest management plans that beyond achieving our economic goals, also incorporate all of these important values so that everyone enjoys a healthy forest and its benefits for generations to come

Canada’s Indigenous Peoples have a special connection to the land through their culture and historical use, and we will respect that connection when undertaking our operations. Plants, for example, play an important role in indigenous Peoples’ practice of their culture and contributes to their daily livelihood.

This year, in collaboration with West Moberly First Nations, we planted over 1,000 wild strawberry bushes in our Chetwynd, BC community forest. Special projects in harvest areas like this one, where we are improving increasing access to and growth of plants important to local communities, is an example of how we contribute to the working forest for local communities.

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