West Fraser celebrates collaboration with the Wetland Stewardship Initiative

Sep 25, 2019

West Fraser has been an active member of the Forest Management Wetland Stewardship Initiative (FMWSI) for the past three years. We are pleased to continue this partnership for another commitment until 2022.

Laura Trout, Senior Biologist“Sustaining and supporting the care and stewardship of healthy boreal wetlands in our managed forest areas is vital,” says West Fraser’s Senior Biologist, Laura Trout. “Collaborative partnerships like FMWSI assist West Fraser to take the right measures by providing practical approaches we use in our forestry planning and reforestation to ensure critical wetland habitats continue to thrive in working forests.”

Through this innovative, collaborative program, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), forest industry representatives, and forestry companies have been pooling resources to enhance and conserve wetlands. The renewal announcement was released earlier this week.  Together, the partners are advancing shared wetland and waterfowl stewardship goals by working together and leveraging resources. The collaboration supports sustainable forest management and wetland stewardship in the working forests of Canada’s boreal region.

Developing Best Practices

During the first term, three guidebooks were created that serve as tools for peoples to use when working in and around wetlands. These guidebooks are online and include:

  • Forestry and Waterfowl: Assessing and Mitigating Risk Practitioners Guide
  • Guiding Principles for Wetland Stewardship and Forest Management Practitioners Guide
  • Wetland Best Management Practices for Forest Management Planning and Operations Practitioners Guide

An example of how these toolkits are used is in managing migratory birds. Mauro Calabrese, one of West Fraser’s foresters recently wrote about how he and his forestry team use the guides. West Fraser has been implementing the guidance from these toolkits since 2016, including ensuring that forestry consultations and staff members receive training on how to identify nests and forest features that provide for good bird and nesting habitats.

The next three-year term is focused on continuing that work and sharing more knowledge with forest practitioners to ensure these practices are being used, industry-wide.

This is one of the many ecological programs West Fraser is proud to take part in. To learn more about similar programs and the other work we do, read our Stories of Responsibility.