Update: Caribou Recovery Planning in Northeast BC

Jun 20, 2019

Today, the Government of B.C. released Blair Lekstrom’s The Path Forward to Recover The Caribou Plan in Northern British Columbia, which sets out 14 recommendations, including calling for the interim moratorium in the region to provide time to engage with affected communities and industries, while taking necessary steps to protect caribou.

We appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort demonstrated in Lekstrom’s report in addressing the concerns about recovery approaches that could have significant impacts on forestry jobs,  the primary source for employment in the community. 

West Fraser supports opportunities for caribou recovery while maintaining a healthy, working forest resource. The temporary moratorium provides a better opportunity for fuller consultation and collaborative solution development while long-term caribou recovery strategies are under development.

We look forward to collaborating on solutions for caribou recovery over the next two years that are compatible with supporting thriving regional economies benefiting from a sustainable forestry sector and caribou recovery in the region.  

West Fraser’s Activities Supporting Caribou Recovery

We support an ecosystem, evidence-based approach that considers multiple species and values to achieve biodiversity and health in our forests. Our professional foresters, habitat experts and wildlife biologists consult with our communities about harvesting activity and the practices we implement to support the maintenance of healthy forests and productive caribou habitat.

Our efforts to support caribou recovery are fully integrated with our sustainable forest management planning and our commitment to addressing healthy wildlife habitat and managing forests as an infinitely renewable resource. Read on to learn about how we employ a number of different forest management planning and practices to support more sustainable caribou populations, including: