Treeplanting in 2020

Mar 10, 2021

West Fraser manages woodlands across British Columbia and Alberta, sustainably harvesting about 0.4% of our directly-managed forest lands each year. The public forest lands we manage are independently certified for sustainable forest management. We reforest the areas where we harvest and continue to monitor those trees, giving the seedlings their best chance to grow into healthy trees.

Each year, we work with companies that hire treeplanters to plant our seedlings. Last year was a complicated year. We needed to move forward with our replanting efforts while managing the risks associated with the pandemic and a wet planting season. Our Company was able to reach our goals, despite these setbacks. Last year, we planted 73.9 million seedlings.

We are now planning for the upcoming planting season, which starts first in British Columbia’s interior in the spring and then moves to Alberta.