Supporting Caribou Recovery and Sustainable Regional Economies

Apr 10, 2019

West Fraser is committed to collaborative efforts to recover sustainable caribou populations

140 communities in BC depend on the forest sectorThe Province of B.C. has recently unveiled a “Partnership Agreement” for caribou recovery that will significantly cut the allowable timber harvest in the Chetwynd area which could result in significant forest sector job losses in the area.

This agreement could serve as a template for further recovery efforts thereby impacting forest sector jobs in other interior communities.  The interior of B.C. is already facing serious timber supply constraints as a result of the loss of mature forest due to the mountain pine beetle infestation and wildfire.

Caribou recovery is predicated on much more than habitat preservation. While many factors have contributed to the decline in caribou numbers including climate change, wildfire, and wolves; shutting down the forest sector and eliminating jobs will not solve these challenges.

We believe it is possible to support caribou recovery while maintaining a healthy, working forest resource. We should be working together to find solutions for caribou recovery that are compatible with supporting thriving communities, outdoor recreation, healthy forests and sustainable working economies. 

West Fraser stands with community leaders in denouncing racism in every form.  All discussion and engagement on this, and any policy topic, should be respectful of others and focused on the issues.

The Provincial Government has had its say and now they are asking communities to provide their’s: B.C. residents: Have your say in the consultation, the deadline has been further extended to May 31, 2019 due to community demand.

Learn more about what we do for caribou recovery

We support an ecosystem, evidence-based approach that considers multiple species and values to achieve biodiversity and health in our forests. Our professional foresters, habitat experts and wildlife biologists consult with our communities about harvesting activity and the practices we implement to support the maintenance of healthy forests and productive caribou habitat.

Our efforts to support caribou recovery are fully integrated with our sustainable forest management planning and our commitment to addressing healthy wildlife habitat and managing forests as an infinitely renewable resource. Read on to learn about how we employ a number of different forest management planning and practices to support more sustainable caribou populations including: