Put a (tree) ring on it: Showing our love for Alberta’s forests with a provincial campaign

Dec 03, 2019

West Fraser is a proud member of the Alberta Forest Products Association, who has launched the Love Alberta Forests campaign this year to encourage everyone to spread the love for this renewable resource. At the end of September, the association launched a series of ads focusing on the thoughtfulness and commitment that goes into the forestry management within the industry

The association advertised the campaign online, on the radio, and on television and placed large billboards in communities throughout the province. People were encouraged to share why they loved Alberta’s forests by, as an example, taking photos with these billboards and sharing them online. 

“We don’t exist as a company without a forest and Alberta forests are extremely important to all of us,” says Digger Pond, General Manager, Hinton Pulp. “I don’t think there’s a question that all of our employees are behind this campaign and support the sustainable use of our forests.”

The West Fraser Hinton crew, including the pulp mill, sawmill, planer, woods group, and FRI research team, took a photo with the billboard to share online. They even invited the town’s mayor to join in.

The group in Edson did the same!

The hope for the campaign is to change people’s perceptions of the industry as one that is renewable and sustainable. West Fraser plants 10s of millions of saplings each year, and celebrate our company milestones.

“I think that there are campaigns that are out there that are against our industry and for a very long time we have not done a good job of defending what we do,” adds Digger. “The forestry industry is renewable, and we do a good job of ensuring there’s a forest for future generations. One of the best things you can do for the environment is to have a good forest industry around you.”

The campaign was funded through the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta. West Fraser has 13 facilities in Alberta, including lumber mills, pulp and paper mills, and other wood products manufacturing sites. 

Want to take part in the campaign? Share why you love Alberta’s forests using the #loveabforests hashtag and tag us, too, on Facebook and Linkedin.