Partnering on Pellets

Mar 16, 2018

We are pleased about a new partnership with Pinnacle Pellet to construct a facility near our Pacific Inland Resources sawmill in Smithers, BC. This new facility will help achieve the full use of woody bits like harvesting debris, sawdust and shavings and turn them into a valuable, sustainable product: wood energy pellets.

The joint venture will be a benefit for the community adding jobs and improving air quality. “We are looking forward to seeing value added to our end products that come out of our sawmill. For us, this gives us a secure outlet for both our sawdust from our sawmill, as well as an opportunity to utilize pulp logs from the bush, which will ultimately reduce the amount of material we burn on site in the bush,” says Larry Gardner, Vice-President, Woodlands.

West Fraser is a 30% partner in the new operation. The facility is being constructed at the site of the previously shut down particle board plant. New technology installed to manufacture pellets will result in fewer air emissions from the production process and reduced wood debris burning.