More Grizzly Bears: Alberta Sees Results

Mar 31, 2021

The results are in – and grizzly bear populations are up. In one area, the grizzly count doubled since the last survey in 2005. This is great news recently released by a collaborative Grizzly Bear research program that has been conducting studies near the Company’s forest management areas in central Alberta.

Bear counts are vital work. Grizzlies are listed as a threatened species in Alberta. Population counts are vital data for provincial recovery efforts, to understand not only how many bears there are but also where they live.

This extensive study collected data from nearly 400 sites in two bear management areas in the province. This research is part of the fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program, which provides knowledge and planning tools to inform recovery planning and management actions. West Fraser, along with Alberta Environment and Parks, Millar Western, Spray Lakes Sawmills, and Vanderwell Contractors have supported fRI Research’s research.

We are pleased to see increasing populations of this iconic species. It is a great example of industry, government, and research organizations working together. West Fraser and other forestry companies, through fRI, have been supporting grizzly bear research for decades. This research is incorporated into our forest management practices, and you can read another example of West Fraser teams’ work in Harvest Planning: Putting Grizzly Bears First.