Manning Forest Products Take Grade 5's on a Forestry Field Trip

Mar 05, 2019

For the past 25 years during logging season, the Manning Forest Products woods team hosts all the grade 5 students from the two nearby schools for a forestry field trip. The students learn about our forest management operations and mill operations in a fun, action-packed day. The field trip takes them to a logging area that shows how we harvest logs and then they go to a reforestation site that shows how we replant what we harvest. The students also learn about the types of jobs you can do in our industry and at our mill. This year, the team also talked about how we manage the forest for wildfires. The logging camp serves the kids a delicious lunch to keep their energy up on the 6-hour field trip. 

Steve, Woods Manager at Manning Forest Products, has done the field trip since the start 25 years ago: “This is one of our favourite events in the year. We always ask the kids if they have relatives that work in the forest industry and at least half of them put their hands up. Forestry touches a lot of lives in our community and it’s important we get the opportunity to show the kids what it’s all about!”