Do You Go Camping or Take Your ATV/Dirt Bike Down Alberta's Backcountry Trails?

Jun 12, 2019

There’s a likely chance the trails you are using for recreation are forestry roads. 

Forestry roads are built for industrial purposes to access and replant our natural, renewable resource: trees.

West Fraser alone maintains 4,615 kilometres of forestry roads in Alberta that provide access for recreational activities. If you plan to enjoy forestry roads for recreation this summer, please pay attention to the signs.

A closed road may not only be closed for safety reasons but also to address wildlife requirements, like habitat protection. Please only go along paths that are open to the public.

Check out our stories, Building Forestry Roads Comes Down to the Dirty Details and Clearwater Trail Initiative, to learn about how our Sundre Forest Products, Alberta operations have worked to provide safe trail systems for public recreational use.