Cheslatta Carrier Nation Forest Industry Training

Mar 28, 2018

On March 28th, Cheslatta Carrier Nation opened the doors to their new training centre on their property at Danskin, British Columbia. A small rural community located south of Francois Lake, about an hour and a half drive from Fraser Lake, BC.

West Fraser’s Fraser Lake Sawmills donated $20,000 to support a state-of-the-art computer lab for Cheslatta’s new training centre. “We have worked with Cheslatta Carrier Nation for many years, and we have a great relationship. We provide employment opportunities and purchase their logs for our mill. 

We also collaborate on the harvesting activity on their tenure,” says Tan Calhoun, Woods Manager, Fraser Lake Sawmills. “In the past few years, they’ve been managing the silviculture activities for their tenure. They are also becoming more involved in logging and other forest management work. We felt that supporting their pursuit of higher training would be a great benefit to their community and West Fraser.”

The training centre aims to create more employment opportunities for their members and the local community. By receiving skills training, they’ll be able to pursue mill and woods jobs at West Fraser. Eventually, Cheslatta Carrier Nation would like to have the capacity to carry out all land and resource management activities for themselves.