Celebrating the Opening of the West Fraser Guild

Oct 09, 2017

The recently-opened West Fraser Guild is home to the Performing Arts Theatre of Hinton, a brand-new space for practicing and performing theatre productions, dance and other performing arts. The West Fraser Guild also includes a cinema and exhibit space, and houses other not-for-profit organizations in the attached building.
Previously, Hinton had been without a theatre for almost a decade after a fire destroyed the old Roxy Theatre.
The West Fraser Guild sits across the road from and between our Hinton Pulp and Hinton Wood Products facilities.

General Manager of Hinton Wood Products, Paul Bradley, is enthusiastic of the new community addition, “it’s great to finally have a performing arts space back in Hinton. Supporting the project is part of how we show our strong, ongoing commitment to the community. We are important to Hinton and Hinton is important to us!”

In addition to the $300,000 donation to the building, the Hinton operations were also proud to donate lumber that make up a beautiful wooden feature wall in the lobby.