2019 Responsibility Report

2019 Responsibility Report: Making Renewable Products for the World

Sep 09, 2020

West Fraser is proud to be a top provider of responsibly-sourced, renewable wood products to the world.

Wood has been a key building material for centuries. More recently, people have started to truly realize its advantages and potential.

Benefits of wood for climate changeWe are proud to manufacture products that achieve these sustainable objectives while storing 9.4 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in the products we manufactured in 2019. Replacing what we harvest, West Fraser planted 63.4 native million seedlings to reforest for the future.

We recently released our 2019 Responsibility Report that covers how we operate sustainably and responsibly, and our focus on continuous improvement.

Environmental Highlights

Our operations have achieved a 5.2% absolute reduction in GHG emissions compared to 2005, with the most significant change taking place in our solid wood operations. Using residuals for energy generation has reduced purchased fossil fuel consumption by 31%, and energy intensity is down more than 19%. What does that mean? It means that in 2019, every piece of lumber was made with less energy and with fewer GHG emissions in comparison to 2005.

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Employee & Community Highlights

Safety performance is a crucial indicator for driving continuous improvement throughout the Company’s operations. Our performance is trending positively. The medical incident rate for 2019 was 2.52, a 30% improvement since 2016.

We actively collaborate with different community groups and more. West Fraser expanded its education partnerships, adding three college partnerships in Arkansas to advance recruitment and employee development. Indigenous engagement has also been a focus area, with several activities from the OYEP youth camp, divisional initiatives on Indigenous Peoples Day, and projects like the redevelopment of the Cardinal River campground.

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Forestry Highlights

On the land base, our objective is to ensure we have a sustainable supply of timber to continue to have the environmental, social and economic benefits that responsible forestry and timber procurement offers.  We work in cross-sector teams to advance forest management. For example, this includes investing in caribou research with the Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Network and forest management planning for grizzlies, funding and participating in developing the Forest Management Wetland Stewardship Initiative, and signing on as a partner with the Reconnecting Canada project to improve fish habitats in working forests. 

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Access the 2019 Responsibility Report

We carry through on our commitment to responsible stewardship, which is a part of everything we do: from our work in sustainable forestry and responsible timber procurement to the manufacture and delivery of value-added wood products to customers worldwide.

Dig into the 2019 Responsibility Report summary, or drill down into all the details about our environment, social and governance action towards a more sustainable future on our reporting website.