2018 Sustainability Report cover image

2018 Sustainability Report - Visual Highlights

Nov 22, 2019

West Fraser is proud to manufacture renewable, sustainable wood products

We carry through on our commitment to responsible stewardship, which is a part of everything we do: from our work in sustainable forestry and responsible timber procurement, to the manufacture and delivery of value-added wood products to customers worldwide.

In 2018, the wood products West Fraser manufactured stored 2.6 million metric tonnes of carbon, and we planted 58 million seedlings, reforesting our harvest areas75% of our energy comes from renewable energy sources

Lumber is a 100% renewable building product. Our sawmill operations support a diversified and efficient portfolio of other wood products. Virtually every part of a log will find a use within our operations: sawdust and shavings can be used in our medium density fibreboard (MDF) plants, or transformed into fuel and energy to run the mill. Wood chips and the wood cores from our plywood and veneer operations are used in our pulping operations. Even the heat, steam and gases that develop during our manufacturing processes can be captured to provide energy to our mills.

There's lots more we are proud to share about how we operate, read on to learn more. 

Click here to access a short, visual summary of West Fraser's 2018 responsibility report. 

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