Steve's story

I have really enjoyed being a part of the Newberry, South Carolina team, especially during West Fraser’s recent modernization, and expansion, of the Newberry Mill. It’s exciting to see our team work together daily to achieve common goals for success.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Forestry at North Carolina State University and have been in the forestry industry for 38 years. I started out working in roles as a procurement forester, land management forester, and I’ve been in my current role as Procurement Manager for the past 12 years at West Fraser.

If you’re considering a career in forestry, I’d say good communication, and people skills are key to being successful as a forester. A big part of my job is working with people, both inside and outside of West Fraser.

I love living in South Carolina in a small town, rural atmosphere. We have plenty of recreational opportunities, living just a few hours from the mountains or the coast. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, camping, and travelling. I also go hunting and play golf on occassion.

- Steve Procurement Manager

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