Olivia's Experience

Olivia summer student at Hinton Wood Products

I love being able to work outdoors, do something different every day, and see different parts of the land base around me. I started the Forest Technology program in the fall of 2014, and have never worked in the forest industry prior to attending NAIT.

My first position in the forest industry was a silviculture assistant. I plan to finish the Forest Tech program at NAIT, and then continue my career with West Fraser.

I look forward to constantly learning new parts of the forest industry, developing new skills and getting challenged in my everyday work. Students can expect to be challenged every day, learn constantly and go home feeling satisfied with their work at the end of the day. Being able to work independently in all weather conditions and all types of terrain is an asset to a position with West Fraser.

Working with West Fraser is an awesome opportunity to learn, grow and develop lifelong skills in the many different areas in the industry. Every day is different, and everyday has different challenges. West Fraser makes it easy to be proud of your work, and leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of your day.

- Olivia Silviculture Summer Student

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