Laura's story

Every day brings a new challenge, and it is exciting! I get to witness (first hand) the evolution of sustainable forestry and all the great people who make it happen. Everyone here is passionate about what they do and are proud to be foresters.

I’ve been in the forestry industry for 5 years. I received my Bachelor of Science specializing in Wildlife Biology and a Master of Science in Ecology.

In my role as a professional wildlife biologist, I constantly study the system and the organisms therein. This is to help inform forestry practices and forest management strategies. A cornerstone of ecosystem-based forest management that provides for all species is the constant integration of new knowledge obtained through scientific investigation. I study our practices and the effects those practices have on wildlife habitats.

A working forest, to me, is an ecosystem in harmony. It is where timber harvesting, andreforestation respects and promotes innate values of forest systems such as biodiversity and ecosystem services. In this sense, economic gains from timber harvest and the resulting development of wood products are one of many benefits from sustainable forest management.

What I like about living in Hinton, Alberta, is that it’s not too big or too small. Hinton is a resource-dependent town, so many people here are directly or indirectly linked to forestry and have a deep appreciation for it. In my free time, I love backcountry hiking and canoeing.

- Laura Senior Biologist

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